Discover the Best Bars in Trinidad Colorado for a Memorable Night Out

Dualing Piano's at The Well

Trinidad, Colorado, a charming town nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, boasts a vibrant nightlife scene just waiting to be explored. From lively Main Street hotspots to unique self-pour tap rooms, this town offers memorable experiences for every kind of night owl. Ready to discover the favorite bars in Trinidad for an unforgettable night out? Let’s get started with our top picks for bars in Trinidad CO. 

Bars and nightlife not your thing? Check these out if you’re more into outdoors activities like hiking or other things to do in Trinidad

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Trinidad’s nightlife with bars, live music venues and quirky hangouts.

  • Enjoy unique drinking experiences at self-pour tap rooms or outdoor spots with scenic views.

  • Check out local restaurants & upcoming events for a memorable evening in Trinidad!

Top Bars in Trinidad, CO for a Great Night Out

Trinidad, CO offers an abundance of bars to choose from. Some of the most popular spots include:

  • Trinidad Lounge

  • Moose’s Social Club & Martini Bar

  • The Well Hotel & Taproom

These establishments boast friendly staff and a variety of drinks, making them the go-to destinations for a great night out in Trinidad.

Fun Bars in Trinidad Colorado

Here is a short list of bars in Trinidad CO. It’s a non-comprehensive list but just a few local hotspots located downtown for a fun night out in downtown Trinidad.

self pour bar trinidad
Our Self Pour Bar

The Well Hotel & Taproom

Located on East Main Street across from the Arthur Roy Mitchell Museum of Western Art, The Well Hotel & Taproom is a fun destination for those seeking a blend of modern convenience and historic charm. Our self-pour bar with 18 taps of craft beer, cocktails, seltzer, sake, wine & a delicious food menu, it offers a unique and interactive drinking experience. The Well is not just about great drinks; with a variety of fun events,  it’s a hub for live music, DJ’s, Open Mic Thursdays & Karaoke every Wednesday making it a central part of Trinidad’s social life.

Trinidad Lounge

For live music enthusiasts, Trinidad Lounge is the go-to destination. This venue is celebrated for unique decor, its vibrant live music scene and eclectic mix of performers. The Trinidad Lounge is a cornerstone of Trinidad’s nightlife, offering a space where live national touring bands can be found almost every night of the week in every genre imaginable. 

Moose's Social Club & Martini Bar

Found on West Main Street across near the Trinidad Welcome Center, Moose’s Social Club and Martini Bar is a favorite among those who love to chat with bartenders & learn about this history of Trinidad. It’s not called the Most Informative Bar in Trinidad for nothing. They regularly hosts a variety of events, such as Blue Tuesday.

These are just a few of the nightlife options in Trinidad with a mix of fun, flavor, and community. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these spots are essential stops to experience the true essence of Trinidad after dark.

Live Music in Trinidad, Colorado

Trinidad, Colorado, a city with a rich cultural heritage, offers an impressive array of live music and performance options that cater to a wide range of musical tastes. The city’s vibrant music scene is a testament to its dynamic spirit, showcasing just about every genre imaginable.

How to Find Live Music in Trinidad

The Trinidad Colorado Music Scene Facebook page serves as a hub for the local music community, providing updates and fostering connections among artists and audiences alike. Also check The Well’s event calendar & Trinidad Lounge Music Calendar. 

Whether it’s a local band playing in a cozy bar or a more prominent artist at a larger venue, there’s always something happening in the city’s music scene.

What Kind of Music Does Trinidad Offer

In addition to these venues, live music events are frequently held at various locations around Trinidad. From jazz music nights to hard rock performances, there is a wide range of live music events that cater to different preference​s. From rock music, to electronic dance music to country, Trinidad has a little bit of everything.

Trinidad’s live music scene is a vital part of its identity, offering a platform for local talent and a space for community engagement through the universal language of music. It’s a scene that’s as diverse and welcoming as the city itself. It’s the American west at its finest.

Other Entertainment Options

While live music may be the backbone of Trinidad, there other some other great things to do in Trinidad Colorado such as Main Street Live for theater and performances. Tri-Peak Theater is a brand new movie theater offering the latest big screen movies. 

Main Street Hotspots: Bars and Restaurants

Main Street, also known as Main St, is the heart of Trinidad’s nightlife best restaurant scene, offering a variety of bars and restaurants to cater to every taste. Some popular spots on Main Street include:

  • The Well Hotel & Taproom: A unique self-pour tap experience, live music, and a fantastic atmosphere.

  • Moose’s Social Club & Martini Bar: A popular spot for martinis and socializing.

  • Bella Luna: A great place to catch a drink & delicious pizza.

  • Gino’s Sports bar: Located on West Main Street, this is a great late night weekend hang.

Unique Drinking Experiences in Trinidad

Self-pour tap rooms provide a distinctive drinking experience in Trinidad, CO. These innovative establishments allow you to pour your own beer, wine, cocktails, and other beverages using a self-pour tap system. This interactive experience lets you choose exactly what you want and how much of it you want, making it a fun and personalized way to enjoy drinks with friends.

Self-Pour Tap Room: A New Way to Enjoy a Cold Beer

In Trinidad, you’ll find the only self-pour tap room for 100 miles in any direction: The Well Hotel & Taproom. At The Well Hotel & Taproom, you can enjoy live music, flat screens, and comfy couches while exploring a variety of beverages, including beer, wine, cocktails, sake, coffee, kombucha, and soda. It’s the perfect place to unwind and try something new in a laid-back atmosphere with delicious food as well.

Food and Drinks: Pairing Your Night Out with Delicious Cuisine

A night out in Trinidad isn’t complete without some delicious food to accompany your drinks. The town’s top-rated restaurants, such as:

  • AlMack’s Kitchen

  • Gagliardi’s 489

  • Trinidad Smokehouse

  • Sunset Bar & Grille

  • Nana & Nano’s Pasta House

  • Sita’s Kitchen

Trinidad's Top Restaurants: From Casual Bites to Fine Dining

Some of Trinidad’s top restaurants include Sunset Bar & Grille & Gagliardi’s 486.

For a more casual bite, consider:

  • Bob & Earl’s Cafe

  • Almacs Kitchen

  • The Well Hotel & Taproom

  • Bella Luna Pizzeria

Whether you’re in the mood for a laid-back meal or a fine dining experience, Trinidad restaurants have you covered.

Outdoor Drinking Spots: Enjoying Trinidad's Natural Beauty

Trinidad’s pleasant climate, particularly from mid-June through early September, makes it a fantastic destination for outdoor drinking. With sunny skies and beautiful surroundings, you’ll find yourself drawn to the town’s numerous bars with outdoor seating.

Top spots for outdoor drinking in Trinidad include:

  • The Well Hotel & Taproom

  • Trinidad Lounge

  • Sunset Bar & Grille

  • Club 14 Garden Grill and Pub

These establishments offer the ideal setting for enjoying a cold beer or cocktail while taking in the stunning views of Trinidad’s natural beauty.

Rocky Mountain Breweries: Drinking in the Great Outdoors

If you’re a fan of craft beer and breathtaking landscapes, Rocky Mountain breweries near Trinidad, CO are a must-visit. Some of the breweries in the area, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, include:

  • Mountain Merman Brewing

  • Crafty Canary Brewery

  • Gate City Craft Bar

  • Colfax Ale Cellar

All of these breweries offer top-notch brews in a stunning outdoor event setting.

These breweries not only provide a unique drinking experience surrounded by nature, but they also prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious beer and coffee lovers. So why not raise a glass to the great outdoors while enjoying some of the best brews Southern Colorado has to offer?

Getting Around Town: Transportation Options

If visiting in the summer The Trinidad Trolley, a free service available, is an excellent option for exploring the city. If you prefer a more private mode of transportation, the taxi services Safe Rides of Trinidad, CO.

For those who enjoy a more active approach, Trinidad boasts a walkability score of 71 out of 100, making it an easy town to walk and explore on foot. Alternatively, consider renting a bike from local businesses like Tarantula Cycles to cruise around Trinidad in style.

Upcoming Events and Festivals: Don't Miss Out

Trinidad, CO is home to various annual events and festivals that you won’t want to miss. Some popular events include:

  • Trinidad Art Fest

  • The Chief Comedy Festival

  • The Rad Fest

  • Colexico Spaghetti & Western Festival

These festivities offer unique food, experiences and entertainment options, making them a perfect addition to your night out in Trinidad.

To stay informed about upcoming events and festivals, visit the websites of local venues and event organizers. By keeping an eye on the website for the local happenings, you’ll ensure you never miss an opportunity to enjoy the vibrant culture and community spirit that Trinidad, CO has to offer.


In summary, Trinidad, Colorado offers a diverse and exciting nightlife scene, with options ranging from lively Main Street hotspots to unique self-pour tap rooms and craft beer havens. Combined with delicious cuisine, stunning outdoor drinking spots, and a variety of transportation options, Trinidad is the perfect destination for a memorable night out. So gather your friends, plan your evening, and prepare to experience the best that Trinidad has to offer. Check out our ultimate guide of things to do in Trinidad

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best bars in Trinidad, CO for a night out?

Head to The Well Hotel & Taproom, Trinidad Lounge, or Moose’s Social Club & Martini Bar, or the Marketplace bar for a great night out in Trinidad!

Are there any self-pour tap rooms in Trinidad?

Yes, Trinidad boasts a self-pour tap room: The Well Hotel & Taproom. The only self pour taproom for more than 100 miles in any direction.

What is the best season for outdoor drinking in Trinidad, CO?

Summer is the best season for outdoor drinking in Trinidad, CO, with peak enjoyment in the first week of July.